First Cement Tank

Cement Tank Overflow
This is a picture of the overflow in the first cement tank. There are some fire coral and green horn coral. If you look closely you will see what looks like a hanging ball from the green horn coral. This will eventually stretch apart and fall below, growing a new coral. The fire coral started growing so fast that it would even grow over air bubbles.

Cement Reef Overflow
Another picture of the same overflow.

Marble Cement
This is what happens when cement expands in in a glass tank. After removing everything from the tank I started removing the portland cement from the glass. It looked like black marble. It was real neat looking, but as it dried out it did not look as neat. The second tank, I put polyurethane foam on the glass then portland cement over that to prevent what happened here.

Marble Cement Tools
Another picture of the same. Notice the hammer and flat head screw driver that was used to break the portland cement into pieces. It was a neat experiment, but like many experiments the first prototype often has major flaws.