Click here to sign up for web hosting at hostgator.

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Click here to sign up for a virtual server at Digital Ocean.

By clicking on the above link to save money off your first invoice. (Currently $50 in credit over 30 days. 30 days after the credit was added, any remaining credit will be zeroed out. If you continue to use the paid services after the 30 days your credit card will be charged at the beginning of the following month.). I will get credit for it, thus I might get a referral credit. A virtual server at Digital Ocean gives you full root control to do just about anything you want without the hold-backs you get with shared hosting. It does require more technical knowledge. And the cost will probably be about the same as you are paying for shared hosting, or even less.

I have a video and worksheet on how to set up a secure vps, web server, e-mail server, ftp server, at

Hostgater is what I used from November 2007 to June 2018. That's over 10 years. I think that Hostgator is the best value for shared hosting, but the support is absolutely horrible. Hostgator is terrible compared to what it used to be. Hostgator used to be a highly recommended place to host a website. It was privately owned by Brent Oxley. But there is a big company called EIG that has been buying up web hosts left and right. You can see all of the web hosts that EIG owns by going to

Hostgator used to be the best, bar none. Since Hostgator is still the best value for shared hosting , as long as you know what you are doing, because Hostgator support is horrible. Shared hosting is what most people start out with. I have moved on to Digital Ocean.

Digital Ocean is great!

With Digital Ocean, you set up a droplet (a virtual server), and chose the operating system, and then install what ever software you want, install a web server, and an e-mail server if you want, all running on the same droplet, or have multiple droplets. Since you have root access, you can set it up any way you want. You are in control. You can set up droplets, and destroy droplets any time. The cost is low, as little as $5.00 a month. There is an hourly rate, and a monthly rate. There is no need to have to decide, as you are atomically charged the hourly rate until the rate reaches the monthly rate, then you are charged the monthly rate. So basically you are charged the lowest of the two; the hourly rate, or the monthly rate. If you want to run a droplet for 1 hour, you can create a droplet, use it and destroy it all in 1 hour, and only be charged for 1 hour. They are also very fair with the band-with. You get a lot of band-with with your droplets, and you can purchase more band-with, but also if you have 2 droplets, and one uses more than it's allotted band-with, but the other uses little of it's band-with, all that counts is the total band-with, so if the total band-with you use is less than the total band-with allotted between the two, you are fine. You can add extra drives to your droplet. There are a variety of choices you can make for how much power and drive space you want. You can set up a 1 core processor, 1GB memory, 25GB disk, 100GB additional drive, for only $15.00 a month, and you get full control of your server.