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Hostgater is what I use. I think that Hostgator is the best value for shared hosting, but the support is absolutely horrible. Hostgator is terrible compared to what it used to be. Hostgator used to be a highly recommended place to host a website. It was privately owned by Brent Oxley. But there is a big company called EIG that has been buying up web hosts left and right. You can see all of the web hosts that EIG owns by going to

Hostgator used to be the best, bar none. Since Hostgator is still the best value for shared hosting (shared hosting is what most people use), I still have this page here but I am keeping an eye out for a web hosting company that can become the new best hosting company. So far I have not seen any. So far Hostgator is still the best, as long as you know what you are doing, because Hostgator support is horrible.