hp Problems

Hp used to be a good company but not anymore.

Here are some pretty pictures of my hp laptop when it had cracked hinge disease.

You can find more information about hinge crack disease at notebookhingecrack.com. I sent my cracked notebook back to hp to fix, and they did, because I was armed with the truth. And at the same time I had them replace my bad motherboard with another bad motherboard. And all this for no charge of course. :-)

Hp likes using proprietary hard drive connections. So even though my laptop was designed for 2 hard drives, it did not come with the connections for the second drive, and they wanted around $80.00 for them. I got them elsewhere for around $25 instead. Here is the comparison picture. The picture on the left is a hard drive with their proprietary hard drive connection, and the one on the right is a plain hard drive.

I have kept copies of the old bios versions for my Pavilion dv9000.

If you want a copy of the bios updates, you can download them.

And here is a copy of the laptop manual version #September 2006.

Now that I've said that, there are 2 things that I like about hp:

  • They have readily available maintenance and service guides for download.

  • They make some laptops that have two hard drives.

    What's with the other laptop manufactures that don't do this?